MOTS #35: Have you ever seen a Chinese Kid do a muscle pass?

This space intentionally temporarily left blank.

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MOTS #34: Magic Mob

Show notes coming soon.

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MOTS #33: Poo Poo Farts

This episode’s got it all: great beer; a discussion on the ethics of magic demo videos; product reviews; and yes—even really, really crappy beer too. All of this presented in an episode we proudly call “Poo Poo Farts.” Things start off right with the Pennsylvania Brewing Co.’s Nut Roll Ale, brewed in Pittsburgh, PA. This […]

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MOTS #32: Normal Sized Undergoods

The guys couldn’t wait to get on the road again. In this episode Eric and Seuss are joined by good friend of the show, Colin “Harvard” Robinson, on their way to Marc DeSouza’s for a lecture from 2/3 of the Fat Brothers—Dani DaOrtiz and Christian Engblom. On their drive to Marc’s the guys discuss their […]

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MOTS #31: The Highwaymen

On this episode the guys hit the dusty road for a trip to Marc DeSouza’s house for a lecture by Andost, who most recently won 1st place at FISM in the “Micro Magic” category. Check out his winning act, Rainbow, here. While driving to Marc’s, the guys discuss the recent Holiday Meeting they attended for […]

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MOTS #30: The First Step Is Admitting There’s a Problem

Eric and Seuss kick things off with some of the Schuylkill River’s finest tap water and Pomegranate Blueberry Juice. Don’t worry, this won’t be a regular thing. First the guys talk about the recent act of violence committed against Wayne Houchin during his performance on a live talk show in the Dominican Republic. News broke […]

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MOTS #29: This One’s Gonna Suck, Dude

you digest the meal we’ll get to show notes later

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MOTS #28: Peanut Butter Balls

notes after the harvest meal

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MOTS #27: Above Average Gathering of Magicians

Listen to see if you are our big winner of the Doug Conn DVD Built To Last from our friends at Notes soon!

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MOTS #26: Spookgasm #2

Boo! This years Halloween Spooktacular gets underway with Seuss doing a DRAMATIC reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart. Chills and Goose bumps!!!!! The fellas welcome a new sponsor in, a GREAT online magic site run by Rich Aviles and based out of Atlanta. Beer is on the Halloween menu when they open […]

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